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Social media design and marketing go hand in hand today in the predominant digital space. Whether you need to market your products/services to customers on online platforms or are looking to gain loyal customers, investment in social media marketing is the need of the hour. As a social media design company, ArtCore aims at enhancing your business presence on social platforms. Our social media design services serve our partners with eye-catching designs that draw them the necessary traffic, branding, and revenue they need to scale up.

Technology Stack We Incorporate

Social Media Optimisation
Social Group Handling
Business Page Design
Social Post Handling
Greetings/Post Content
Greetings/Post Design
Local Social Media
Social Media Submission
Hashtag Management
Facebook Handling
Linkdin Handling
Pinterest Handling
YouTube Handling
Instagram Handling
Twitter Handling
Snapchat Handling

Social Media Design and Marketing Services

Our social media design services enable our partners to manage social media better resulting in high engagement and enhanced branding in the digital space. Some of our popular design services include — social media optimization, business page design, social media handling for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram with compelling designs and hashtags.

To enhance your social media engagement and visibility we analyze keywords, research hashtags, and apply market automation strategies. Through centralized data management, we enable you to keep track of diverse social media analytics on a single platform.

Select Us For Complete Social Media Design and Marketing Package

● Visually appealing designs using the effective colour combination.
● Effective marketing support through our online channels.
● Customer behaviour analysis through our marketing automation service.
● Expertise in social media profiles, pages, and application designing.
● High conversion rate from social channels to website/application.

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Design and Marketing Services

Work Process We Follow

Seeing the clients passionate about their idea makes us thrilled to give our best shot! We always look for a proven methodology and agile process to provide better solutions that reflect your business while lifting you up.


Project Analysis
Scope of Work
Milestone Setting


Industry Research
Sketching and Wireframing
Design Creation
Design Approval


Native iOS, Android, Web Development
MVP Development
Agile Testing
Content Input


Alpha Testing
Usability Testing
Device Testing
Browser Testing


Free deployment support
Live changes
Quick maintenance
Updates and Customisation
One Month Free Support


Track Customer Behaviour
Analytics Support
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Automation

ArtCore Differentiators

We are true to our commitment

As a leading web design and development company, we continue to put our craft to test due to the sheer passion we have for digitizing our partner’s business. We follow standard processes with an agile development approach ensuring your design and development needs a match to your vision.

Right through our development process, we offer top-notch support that begins with project discussion and continues after we deploy solutions and services to you.

Full-Fledge Experience

Experience the complete business transformation as we incorporate cutting-edge IT solutions and marketing services.

Uninterrupted Delivery

100% operational processes ensuring timely delivery of projects meeting the required quality standards.

24/7 Client Assistance

Our assistance is top-notch despite different time zones. 24/7 support via a dedicated project manager.

Affordable Prices

Surely we understand your budget limitations and hence have diverse models (hourly, monthly, milestone-based).

Experienced Team

We have a 50+ team of dedicated professionals that develop cutting edge solutions and enhance your digital reach.

Strict NDA

We ensure confidentiality by signing strict NDA which involves the transfer of development code and safe exit options.

Quality Assurance

We deliver unmatched quality by assigning the best-suited professionals for your projects.

Milestone Payment

Pay as per the milestone completion enabling you to launch the project at the right time.

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